Pro Bono Consulting for Startups
by Florian Alexander Mall


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what i do

Empowering founders.
Pro bono.

Goal: Defining your startup's scope and core to scale up.

Method: Combining strong business logics with business communications skills. Strictly focusing sales & investor's needs.

Simple. As that.



For the past 10 years, I have been helping people, corporates and startups to shape their product, sales and communication success. With a background in economics, journalism, sales and communications, I have a profound understanding of markets and clients needs.

Whether you’re grown or a young start-up, I can support you to negotiate deals, acquire financing,  find your market our starting with the most important thing: your convincing core of business.




Florian is a strong business thinker and gave us a convincing formula to shape our start.
— frankfurt fintech startup
Florian has this analytical strength to analyze and to predict the clients need.
— faz, former employer
There are his strategic skills, and always thinking beyond the project to provide some added values for our clients.
— hering schuppener, former employer

Core Questions


The Investment
Landscape & Basics

How do investors view your early stage venture?
Do you think and speak with the language of early stage investors?
What financial statements do investors want to see?
What should an income statement present?
What is the purpose of the cash flow statement?


The Pitching & Closing

What do investors need to see? – Building and protecting your own monopoly!
How to create the pitch deck?
How to tell your story?
What are the do’s and don’ts of the pitch?
How to close the round?


The Funding & Capital

What is due diligence?
What is your company worth?
How to negotiate your worth?
When to use convertible notes?
When to use alternative sources of capital?

The Sales & Clients

Who are the clients of your client?
What is your client really buying?
What is your client expecting from you?
What helps your client to get a buyin?
How are price and value determined?